Elevate Your Troy Hills, NJ Home with Our Superior Roofing Services

Welcome to Midpoint Roofing in Troy Hills, NJ. Here, we combine expertise and innovation to deliver unparalleled roofing services. As industry leaders, we recognize the crucial role of a robust and visually appealing roof for your home. Our experienced team is ready to address a wide spectrum of roofing requirements with meticulous attention to detail.

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Professional Roofing Services Made Easy in Troy Hills

Your journey to a perfect roof in Troy Hills begins here. At Midpoint Roofing, we make it easy to connect with our roofing experts for comprehensive evaluations and personalized service plans. With our flexible financing, exceptional roofing is within reach for every Troy Hills resident.


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Transform Your Home with Efficient and Safe Roofs

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Enhanced Safety

Our top priority is your safety. We employ state-of-the-art materials and methods to shield your home against Troy Hills' varied climatic challenges, minimizing risks of damage while enhancing your home’s security.

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Energy Efficiency

Experience the difference with our energy-efficient roofing systems. Designed for optimal insulation, they help reduce your energy bills and maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere throughout the year in Troy Hills.

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Maintenance Efficiency

Choose Midpoint for a low-maintenance, yet highly durable roofing solution. Our roofs are designed for longevity, ensuring you enjoy a top-performing roof without constant upkeep.

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Essential Roofing Knowledge for Troy Hills, NJ Homeowners

Comprehensive Roof Inspections

Understand why regular inspections are vital for maintaining the health and longevity of your roof in Troy Hills, and how they can prevent costly future repairs.

Selecting Suitable Materials

Learn about the best roofing materials for Troy Hills’ specific climate, including their benefits and longevity, to make an informed decision for your home.

Streamlining Roofing Permits

Get insights into navigating the permit process in Troy Hills. Discover how Midpoint Roofing’s expertise simplifies obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often is Roof Inspection Needed in Parsippany?

Regular roof inspections, preferably annually, are crucial in Parsippany to maintain roof integrity and longevity, adapting to local weather challenges.

What Roofing Materials Are Best for Parsippany’s Climate?

The specific permits for roofing projects in Parsippany, NJ, may vary. Typically, you'll need a construction permit. Our team is familiar with local regulations and can assist in obtaining the necessary permits for your roofing project.

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15+ years
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Hire a Team of Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

Choose our team of roofing professionals for a trustworthy and reliable service. We prioritize your satisfaction, delivering quality workmanship and peace of mind for all your roofing needs.

We look forward to helping you with your next roofing project!

Know Our Customers' Opinion

Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez
They were very professional and efficient. They left my property clean and spotless once they were finished with the job.
Linda Montemarano
Linda Montemarano
Kevin really cares about his customer's satisfaction and is a nice, honest person. They were very professional and finished our roof, siding and gutters as promised. I would highly recommend AK Contractor & Roofing.
Sherin Ahmed
Sherin Ahmed
Oh My Goodness! Kevin and his team are terrific! He walked me through the entire process from start to finish every step of the way and every step of the contract was adhered to. This is a huge decision for anyone who is hard working. The fears, the anxieties of all that can go wrong were alleviate by his transparency and delivering on his word! Incredibly attentive, responsive, professional and fair. If it sounds to good to be true give them call and ask for Kevin! I am so pleased with the results. Wait did you say Life warranty?? YES! They did! I have the certificate. They also did a great job cleaning up. I can finally rest knowing that my home is now water proofed. Thank You Kevin, Thank you Alex. AK contractor and Roofing LLC. I hope you grow and thrive as a decent business. YOU DESERVE IT!
Kin Yee
Kin Yee
We highly recommend AK Contractor & roofing. Kevin and his team are highly skilled in their craft. We replaced our roof in 2 days and everything from start to finish was completed on time and the workmanship was exceptional. We got several quotes from other companies and none matched the value tjat AK offered. We were also impressed by the warranty that was provided. Lastly, the entire process from start to finish was so simple and seemless from the appointment, quote, work, to final payment. You can tell that they know what they are doing.
Emmanuel Desarme
Emmanuel Desarme
Very reliable and extremely professional! The work they did was excellent!
Andrew Rhoades
Andrew Rhoades
A thorough review/estimate that gave us confidence in the approach and cost. Top-quality execution, including cleaning and also friendly staff. 100% recommend.
Guerschom Nazaire
Guerschom Nazaire
AK Contractor & Roofing did an amazing job on my roof. Gave me a great explanation of what was wrong and what needed to be done. Kept me in the loop as far as scheduling and prep. Cleaned up after the job well. The follow up was on point! These guys made me believe again that there are contractors that take pride in what they do. I would recommend them to anyone.
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen
Before picking a roofing contractor, I have talked to numerous companies to discuss about pricing, installation process, length of the projects, etc. AK contractor came out on top of my many choices because of their presentation, as Kevin and Alex (I think, not sure of his name) carefully discussed to me about the materials they would use (they actually gave me better choices than other contractors), how they would install my roof, how long it would take, how different areas of the roof will be done; and their pricing was great as well (not the cheapest, which you would not want to go this way for a proper investment of your house). After picking them, they only made me wait 3 days before starting. The crew was quick and careful, all extra costs communicated properly with me. Clean up was fast, all questions answered. I know a roofing job is a hard one to review as the customers normally don't have the expertise and it would take years before problems (if any) arise, I will update the post if anything non-satisfactory to me comes up. But AK vow to stand by their workmanship, and they don't seem to go cheap on their choices of materials and reputation. So far, I am satisfied.
Michael Gonnello
Michael Gonnello
Extremely fast, clean, honest. Came to my house the same day I called, had the estimate ready very quickly. As soon as they got supplies needed (which was quick) they came back and did a great job on my roof/gutters. Cleaned up after themselves and no hidden fees or upcharges.
Kathleen cz
Kathleen cz
We are so happy with this company. Fantastic price, very communicative and our roof looks beautiful! They worked incredibly hard, and were so careful and respectful of our property. We have extensive landscaping and not one plant was harmed. They cleaned up everything, we never found one piece of stray debris. We highly recommend this business.

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